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Mirandolina Di Pietrantonio Architects was established in 1999 with offices in Rome.
The work of the practice encompasses several fields such as luxury residences, hospitality, interior design, office and retail interiors, custom furniture design.
We design spaces for people that promote a sense of quietness, balance and lightness.
Our mission is to transform anonymous spaces, that no longer suit us, in places of well-being, bright, light, wrapped in a subtle harmony, as a Yoga practice that allows to find oneself in the union of body, mind and soul.
Space clearing, pure and essential lines are out, our mind relaxes and our restless life vanishes, and find again the luxury of silence, the fullness of mind Our projects follow the holistic principles of the ancient art of living and the Five Elements, creating an intimate relationship between us and nature, essential for our life, we need of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and "Soul".
Let's treat ourselves to that sensation of lightness and infinite in which our soul finds itself.
Besides that of matter we are made also of sky and clouds!

Projects are followed step by step, i.e. concept, design and implementation in agreement with our clients. Furthermore the ante/post images make it easier to realize how places of any sort can be turned into minimalist places capable of arousing pleasant times. We design the projects wherever they may be located.
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